Bruthen Beauties - Artwork by Marg Pearson featuring the "Bruthen Beauties" as they frollic around their hometown, the unique little villiage of Bruthen Victoria.

Bruthen is a fabulous little village in East Gippsland.  We have lots of beautiful people living here.  Local artist Marg Pearson depicts some of those “Bruthen Beauties” as they frequent unique local attractions including The Rail Trail, The Bruthen Blues, Bullant Brewery, Le Cafe, Ramrod Creek and the Main Street Gardens.

Enquiries for origingal artworks, handmade cards and magnets please email or ring Marg Pearson.

Prints of Artworks, either framed, on canvas or on any number of things, including mugs, clothing and phone covers are available from Red Bubble.

or for further enquiries phone Marg on 0423566361
or email;

New Beach Series

Lounging around the Lakes 
Framed acrylic on canvas 
30 x 40 cm  $195

Lakes Entrance Lass
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 40 cm $195

Metung Muse
(Benitas Cousin).  Framed Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 40 cm sold

Lifes tough in East Gippsland
Acrylic on Canvas, Framed
30 x 40 cm, $195

Nature Series  Birds and Wildlife of East Gippsland

Seagull Sunset
30 x 40 cm


30 x40 cm


Barry Kooka
30 x 40 cm

Baby Kooka
30 40 cm

Glossy Blacks

King Parrot 


Black Cockies

New series:  

Bruthens Real Beauties

Real Beauties
Bruthen Orange Fair, Maria

Acrylic on Canvas

Real Beauties. Orange Fair Bruthen

Acrylic on canvas

Bruthen Beauties:  Beautiful Blokes at the Pub
Acrylic on stretched canvas
60 X 75 cm

Bruthen Beauties
More Beautiful Men

Acrylic on stretched canvas
60 X 75 cm

Rage at Ramrod Creek and Bruthen Beauties Stock up at the Store
Both Acrylic on canvas, 60 X 75 cm    $700

Bruthen Beauties Australian Art Naive women 

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