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Special on Cards

Beautiful sunshine in the studio today, after it rained more than 200cm of rain ( 8inches) in the last week or so.  So yipee, after about 5 weeks time out with the shingles, then the rain, it was back to the easel today, to continue with Beautiful Blokes at the Pub.  

But meanwhile, while it rained, I was a busy little beaver (oops forgot, not so little anymore).  I made up about 300 cards and they look so colourful.  

As a little  winter cheer I thought I'd offer my blog readers a special discount on cards, including some of the new BB's Stock up at the Store, Le Cafe,the new BB Raging at Ramrod and BB Look out World here we come.  


Until Sept 1st 2013;

6    Colourful Bruthen Beauty Cards $21.00

10  Colourful Bruthen Beauty Cards $30.00

Add $2.50 for postage within Australia.  Email me for postage rates to other countries.

For orders email and let me know if you have any preferences for the mixture or if you would like me to select them for you.

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