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Golden Oldies Originals Not For Sale

All artwork shown is available in cards, prints both canvas and framed from

These three artworks are earlier paintings not included in the Bruthen Beauties series, but available as prints on Red Bubble link above.

This painting is called I love Cats. And indeed I do. Its one of my earliest paintings. It was painted about 10 years ago. You wouldn't want the original it was begun in oil paints and finished in acrylic, a big no no, it has bubbled. It also fell down through the verandah slats and got cracked. However prints are available from Red Bubble, link above

Morning High Tea

This painting was a bit of fun painted for the Nowa Nowa nudes exhibition in 2002. I still have the original, but it a favorite which I would only part with for an outragiously high price. Meanwhile prints are available from red bubble link above.

Self Portrait, In Your Dreams

Not really a self portrait, I’ve never had blond hair like that, well except for a brief time, out of bottle, when I was a feral teenager. But that is my dressing table, and i do dream of having a room that tidy. And I love cats. SOLD

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